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Christmas in New York City


When people write “bæ”


(It means poop in Danish. Did you mean poop? Then I stand corrected.)

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His hair is bananas

I Will Always Love You
Lena Hall


"I Will Always Love You" - Lena Hall
Seth’s Broadway Chatterbox - June 12, 2014

Lena brought the chord charts for this song. She read the lyrics off her phone for the first verse. She absolutely killed it.

His smile makes me smile. (As well as his voice, obviously! When She Smiles always kills me when I listen.)

He does have a contagious smile, I love that too.

My favorite thing was when he spat on us :)



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idk I really like that weird tongue thing he does when he’s Elder Price.


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Voice, eyes, smile, when his hair does the thing… no, actually, my favourite thing about Andrew is Andrew himself.


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That gif could very well be my new favourite thing about him…tbh it changes all the time but right now it’s his sass.

everything is my favourite thing. I like(d) him in the new normal and listening to BOM.

This is helping! Thanks, guys!

I’m bored and kinda sad.
Want to tell me your favorite thing(s) about Andrew?

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(3/20) RENT gifsets: 

"This diva needs her stage!"


Hall has seen both of his predecessors, Andrew Rannells and Neil Patrick Harris, tackle the part. Rannells left a list of effective makeup removers for Hall in his dressing room. “Andrew recommends MAC and Lancome,” says Hall, adding that the tip is coming in very handy. “I’ve been finding bits of glitter in surprising places all over my apartment.”

Harris, meantime, who won a Tony Award in June for his performance, has already tweeted that he thinks Hall is a “great choice” to play Hedwig. He and Harris have crossed paths before in the Theater District. They were both involved in a workshop of “Assassins.” And Harris was in the audience, Hall says, when he starred at Studio 54 in “Cabaret.” Harris would later do the role, too.

After Hall signed on for “Hedwig,” he reached out to Harris. “I wanted to thank him for the architecture he’d constructed and the road map he put down,” he says. “There’s a sort of fraternity between the Hedwigs.”

“I’d already committed to being in New York,” says Hall, adding that it was easy to say yes to “Hedwig.” “The show has a profound and universal message,” he says. “It’s about self-acceptance. We’re all internally stitched up. That’s part of the inevitability of living.”

His latest Broadway role has Hall living out a dream of being a rock star. He grew up worshiping the music of Lou Reed, David Bowie and Iggy Pop — and they’re still in heavy rotation on his playlist.


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